Holmewood Nursery Family Gardening

Children at Holmewood Nursery took part in gardening activity with parents as part of a Cluster outdoor learning programme. They dug the soil and planted bulbs, watered the flowers and made a bird feeder –  it was fabulous to watch the delight and surprise of the children when they saw all the bird food had been gobbled away by the next session! Everyone planted a bulb at home and learnt about about how roots suck up water and other nutrients to allow the plant to grow 

Parents said: ‘The gardening sessions are a great way to get children enjoying the outdoors and learning. The sessions are great!’ 

Cluster shared INSET 2021

The annual Cluster shared INSET took place online in January 2021 with approx 350 colleagues from across all schools participating in a day-long programme on a theme of Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion. 

The day began with Keynote Speaker Jaz Ampaw-Farr providing an inspirational reminder to all staff of the importance of the work staff in all schools do.

Keynote Speaker Jaz Ampaw-Farr

An incredibly touching and passionate speech. Incredible to see the lifelong impact school staff can have upon their pupils

Teacher, Windmill Cluster

This was followed by a wide range of workshop activity including: Anti-Racist & Race Equality training, Racialised Trauma, Emotional Wellbeing for Early Years, Diversity & Inclusion in schools, Staff Wellbeing, and promoting Children’s Voice through Stories

Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam 

The cluster Poetry Slam involves all primary schools in writing, performing and selecting pupils to go forward to an inter-school heats process and ultimately an exciting final hosted at Trinity Academy. The event, hosted by amazing performance poet Adisa, is one of the cluster highlights of the year, with pupils writing and performing to an exceptionally high standard. 

 Extract from ‘The Power of Words’ 
 by Pa-Riss & Danae 

Words can inspire and words can destroy 
Use yours well and I’m sure you’ll enjoy
If you take my route then you won’t be a liar 
And the things you say will be used to inspire

The world is a community, a family, a place
And if you take my advice then you won’t have to chase
Embrace your words in many different ways
As Martin Luther King once said: The time is always right
You will never need to fight
Just believe, believe and hold on tight

Words can inspire and words can destroy 
Use yours well and I’m sure you’ll enjoy
Be the leader, not the follower
The speaker, not the swallower
We could make the biggest change if we just had a say in it

Just believe, believe and hold on tight

Maths Masterclasses with Royal Institution

Able mathematicians from Yr 5/6 came together for a series of maths masterclasses led by the Royal Institution and maths leads from the cluster. The Masterclasses aimed to inspire an appreciation of maths that is long-lasting; encouraging pupils to see maths as an exciting discipline driven by asking questions, involving investigation and collaboration and with relevance to the world around us. 

‘this was a brilliant lesson – I have learnt loads of new things – I never thought about maths like this before!’ (KS2 Pupil, Windmill Cluster)

Outdoor Learning

Pupils from across the partnership participate in a range of Outdoor Learning activity throughout the year including Nursery visits to Kew Gardens, Family gardening projects and workshops linking with local gardeners and horticultural providers. A schools programme, in partnership with Sankofa to Nature, gives pupils the opportunity to explore and learn from the natural world all year- it’s also included overnight Family Camping to get the whole family involved!

‘We had the most wonderful time. It was so precious and time we will cherish forever!’ [Parent]

Confident Creators with Pegasus Opera

The Brixton Learning Collaborative and the Windmill Cluster have collaborated on a two year arts programme with artists and musicians from Pegasus Opera.

During lockdown, our arts partners created a series of films to help teachers continue to support pupils and families with high quality arts activities. Check out one of their films below.