Outdoor Learning and Summer Family Camping

Pupils across cluster schools have participated in outdoor learning activities and gardening programmes throughout the year. This has been possible through a grant from Grow Back Greener Fund, supported by Mayor of London and Thames Water. Working with our brilliant partners, Sankofa to Nature, Sprout Up Schools, Brockwell Park Greenhouses and community gardeners we haveContinue reading “Outdoor Learning and Summer Family Camping”

Maths Masterclasses with Royal Institution

Able mathematicians from Yr 5/6 came together for a series of maths masterclasses led by the Royal Institution and maths leads from the cluster. The Masterclasses aimed to inspire an appreciation of maths that is long-lasting; encouraging pupils to see maths as an exciting discipline driven by asking questions, involving investigation and collaboration and withContinue reading “Maths Masterclasses with Royal Institution”

Outdoor Learning

Pupils from across the partnership participate in a range of Outdoor Learning activity throughout the year including Nursery visits to Kew Gardens, Family gardening projects and workshops linking with local gardeners and horticultural providers. A schools programme, in partnership with Sankofa to Nature, gives pupils the opportunity to explore and learn from the natural worldContinue reading “Outdoor Learning”

Confident Creators with Pegasus Opera

The Brixton Learning Collaborative and the Windmill Cluster have collaborated on a two year arts programme with artists and musicians from Pegasus Opera. During lockdown, our arts partners created a series of films to help teachers continue to support pupils and families with high quality arts activities. Check out one of their films below.